Written by 0ldeCrow

Every month on the first day of the month this article will be updated with our current donation total (which should equal the number of Supporters we have multiplied by $12), What Charitable Organization we have chosen to donate too and how much we donated to that organization.

For Example:

If we had 21 Supporters (we don't yet) and we chose the charity called 'Feelgood, Inc.' this month it would look something like this.

Total Amount in Donation Coffer:  $252

Amount Remaining after this months Donation:  $231

Charity Amount Donation Date
Feelgood, Inc. $21

February 1st, 2019

Wounded Waiters Project $20

January 1st, 2019

Obviously Fake Charity $19

December 1st, 2018

This list will grow as time progresses.

As our donation power grows, we will reach out to charities and get feedback from them on how our donations will be used.

How our donation power will grow:

If we end this month with 5 Supporters (members who chose to donate $12 dollars each) our coffer should have 5x$12, or $60. on the first day of the next month we donate $5 to a charity leaving us with $55 in our coffers. At the end of next month we have grown by 12 Supporters. Our Coffers should have $55 plus another 12x$12 for a total of $199. On the first day of the next month we donate $1 for every supporter we have or $17. That would leave us with $182 in the community coffer. Over the course of the next month we gain another 28 Supporters. I don't want to be to optimistic about this, but i believe by the end of a year we can have over 200 Supporters and really make a difference in lots of peoples lives.


Written by 0ldeCrow

A Supporter is a member of our community that has decided to step up and be more than just a Gamer.  This special individual is what makes up the core of our community.  They donate 12 U.S. Dollars a year to the community for us to disburse to charitable organizations monthly.  They do this because they care and want to make a difference.  They receive no real world compensation for these contributions.  They are the backbone of this community and are truly what makes our community different from the others.

Written by 0ldeCrow

Named for the esprit-de-corps that bound the original 100 explorers/warriors/traders that left Earth so long ago, the Explorer Corps is the most dedicated to what we understand as mankind's true vision. We believe that many others have abandoned the old ways of justice, honor and free will, some have been corrupted and manipulated by the corrupt ways of the megacorps, the honorless and those who would use new scientific knowledge for their own gain and not that of the masses.

Strength, more than anything, defines the Explorer Corps. Strength through identity, unity, strength of arms, strength of purpose. From warrior to explorer to trader, every member of the Explorer Corps works within his or her caste to benefit the Corps and thereby strengthening our society as a whole. Thriving as we have in previously unknown regions of space and preparing for the tasks that lie ahead has certainly not been an easy life; as our founders have called it the "Great Challenge". But at the end of this difficult path lies a glorious vision. Forgotten by many in their weakness, this vision is remembered by us, as we strive to seize the future that once belonged to all mankind.

We recognize the Trials still to be faced; we must yet contend with treachery and the foolish opposition of those that have chosen to disregard our glorious forefathers' true designs. But the hotter the forge, the keener the blade that emerges from it. We do not smirk at confrontation; we embrace it, and turn adversity into victory. That is the way of the Corps, and the Corps one immutable law: only the strong may lead!

Written by 0ldeCrow

We thought long and hard about how this would all come together.  In the end we decided this:

  • We want to do this the right way.  Right now, we ARE NOT planning on using your yearly donations to pay for the expenses of running the community.  The expenses are minuscule compared to what we can accomplish if we had just 100 Supporters.
  • We would accept a yearly donation of 12 U.S. Dollars from each of our members who choose to become Supporters.
  • We would choose an established worthy charity every month and donate 1 U.S. Dollar to that charity for every registered Supporter we currently have.  
  • We will always be 100% transparent about where the money we have collected gets used.
  • We have set a goal of 200 Supporters for the year of 2019.  If we meet that goal, that would mean in February of 2020 we would be able to donate 200 U.S. Dollars that month to a worthy rebutable charitable cause.  That doesn't even count the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars we would have donated to causes up to that point.  As we grow our donation power only gets bigger.
  • We will always make sure that the funds we collect go to Trustworthy and Verified Charitable Organizations.  We are not going to just hand of a wad of cash to anybody who calls themselves a charity.
Written by 0ldeCrow

Our Mission, all in all, is to completely re-invent ourselves into a community that sets the standards for all others. To integrate those that have lost themselves, and find them as they once were to expand our reaches. I know this seems a goal that will be hard-reached... but my fellow corps members - it can be done. Take our fallen enemies and rivals as an example. Their demise has paved the way to victory in our hearts. Now, all we need to do is let our minds see as well at face value, and one day it will be. Let the Way of the Warrior lead us towards that day.