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Every month on the first day of the month this article will be updated with our current donation total (which should equal the number of Supporters we have multiplied by $12), What Charitable Organization we have chosen to donate too and how much we donated to that organization.

For Example:

If we had 21 Supporters (we don't yet) and we chose the charity called 'Feelgood, Inc.' this month it would look something like this.

Total Amount in Donation Coffer:  $252

Amount Remaining after this months Donation:  $231

Charity Amount Donation Date
Feelgood, Inc. $21

February 1st, 2019

Wounded Waiters Project $20

January 1st, 2019

Obviously Fake Charity $19

December 1st, 2018

This list will grow as time progresses.

As our donation power grows, we will reach out to charities and get feedback from them on how our donations will be used.

How our donation power will grow:

If we end this month with 5 Supporters (members who chose to donate $12 dollars each) our coffer should have 5x$12, or $60. on the first day of the next month we donate $5 to a charity leaving us with $55 in our coffers. At the end of next month we have grown by 12 Supporters. Our Coffers should have $55 plus another 12x$12 for a total of $199. On the first day of the next month we donate $1 for every supporter we have or $17. That would leave us with $182 in the community coffer. Over the course of the next month we gain another 28 Supporters. I don't want to be to optimistic about this, but i believe by the end of a year we can have over 200 Supporters and really make a difference in lots of peoples lives.