Bringing Gamers and Charity Together

We were sitting around thinking and came up with this wild idea for a gaming community. Why not take all this untapped energy we see in Gamers and turn that into something SPECIAL! Let create a community unlike any other and put our collective energies into funding some really worthy causes. It was like a light went on over our heads. The lightning strike of inspiration had struck us, and we were off....

See us in Action!

Escape From Tarkov Action

An Almost Perfect Run!

Star Citizen

Believe It Or Not

Wolves, Zombies and Hostiles, Oh My

Some action in DayZ

Written by 0ldeCrow

As with any community where people come together, we think we need to set some ground rules right off the bat.

  • Bullying another community member on Discord or third-party forums is strictly prohibited.
  • No posts of an abusive nature. Racist, Sexist or bigoted comments will not be tolerated. There is a zero tolerance policy for this rule and it applies to everyone equally.  Registered User, Supporter or Founder, everyone will be held to this standard. 
  • No member will "cheat" in any way, shape or form. No player will associate with other players or groups of players that are known to use exploits or "cheats".
  • Avoid using overt profanity when communicating if at all possible, although we are all guilty of occasional mistakes.
  • Please show respect to anyone you encounter on our Discord instance. Everyone is here because they wish to be, not because they have to be!
  • Do not spam channels with music or other loud noise.
  • Please use Push-to-talk at all times on Discord. Persons with physical disabilities that make this difficult should let the server admins know of their situation.  Exemptions will be granted whenever possible.
  • When you hear "BREAK BREAK BREAK" on Discord, please immediately cease broadcasting and wait for further instructions or information.
  • There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years to join, but exceptions can be made under the proper circumstances.  Family members of registered users who do not meet the age requirement may be allowed to join in the fun as long as they are supervised by an adult family member.